About 5 decades ago the value of money was as excellent as compare the values of nowadays.

Because money was still very valuable back then, very few people made up their minds to pursue careers that made them millionaires.

Nowadays the value of money have depreciated in a way that most people especially in the developing countries cannot afford food to eat.

This has made most people to make up their mind to pursue careers that can help them to become wealthy in future.

I took out time to conduct research and responds from questionnaire I got some excellent careers that can make you rich for the rest of your life. In this blog post I have taking out time to list and elaborate on these careers for you to go through and choose which is best for you.

1. Investor

If you are that person who hate to do physical work then this should be the best career for you. Have in mind that there is no free money so in order to make money as an investor you will have to spend some reasonable amount of money.

Also you will have to do a lot of brain work by analyzing the investment to know if the investment is worth your money. Robert Kiyosaki said, “Do not work for money, let money work for you”.

An investor is an individual, company or any entity that invests capital with the aim of making a profit. The investor’s main concern is to maximize return while minimizing risk.

Speculators, who hope to make a higher-than-average profit, have a greater risk tolerance than investors.

There are several types of investments, including real estate, commodities, currency, derivatives, bonds, stocks, etc. Even time (which costs money) is a form of investment.

2. Investment Banker

Wishing to get an excellent paycheque at the end of the month? Then you should consider a career as an investment banker.

An investment banker is a professional who works in the financial industry and specializes in providing advice and services to companies, governments, and other organizations on financial matters. They help clients raise money by underwriting and selling securities, such as stocks and bonds, and providing guidance on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPOs), and other corporate finance activities.

Investment bankers offer the following services;

  • Facilitating and underwriting the sale of securities
  • Advising on restructuring
  • Connecting buyers and sellers
  • Advising on deal structuring and valuations in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions

According to wallstreetmojo.com an investment banker in the US can earn up to $208,000 per year.

3. Certified Public Accountant

There exist several accounting careers but if you ever wish to get rich for the rest of your life then I will advise you go for a certified public accounting.

A certified public accountant or CPA, is a highly trained financial professional specializing in the field of accounting. Though many people associate CPAs solely with tax preparation, they perform a wide variety of financial-related tasks, from financial reporting to audit work and forensic research.

Besides tax advising and preparation, CPAs might specialize in auditing, bookkeeping, consulting, management or financial advising and planning, to name just a few. “Within these categories, CPAs may focus on public or private businesses, government, education, non-profit or even work at a public accounting firm,” says Jeffrey Wood, a CPA and partner at Lift Financial in South Jordan, Utah.

According to the Accounting Institute for Success, entry level CPA can earn from $46,000 to $68,000 while a manager or director with a CPA can earn from $60,300 to $208,000

4. Entrepreneur

If you are that person who hate working for someone or a company then entrepreneurship is the best career for you.

An entrepreneur is an individual who takes the risk to organize resources such as finance, human and material resources to start a new venture. The entrepreneur must not necessary be the one who conceive the original idea but is the one who takes the risk to initiate the idea.

Entrepreneurs can either be small business owners or people who owns big businesses or a conglomerate.

The three major types of entrepreneurs include:

Social Entrepreneur: This is an individual who pursues innovative solutions to social problems. Most social entrepreneurs engage in non-profit activities and are overwhelmed by social responsibilities and conscience. They are primarily motivated to improve socio-economic well-being, educational, health, fundamental, environmental, and health conditions of others.

Serial Entrepreneur: a serial entrepreneur acts upon more than one opportunity and starts multiple business venture throughout their career. Serial entrepreneurs start-up several businesses with little intention to operate any of them for a long time. They are high-risk-takers with lots of unique ideas and are not always interested in a career with a particular business/company.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur: A lifestyle entrepreneur is an individual who creates a business for the purpose of changing their lifestyle instead of making profits. This type of entrepreneur usually wants to create a business because they are passionate about it and believe that it will be personally rewarding for them.

5. Day Trader

I belief once you hear of the word trader you should be thinking of buying and selling of something.

According to indeed.com, a day trader is a professional that navigates the market by buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day.  These professionals often execute a high number of short and long trades to maximize profits.

Day traders have the following responsibilities in order to be successful:

  • Analyzing market trends to identify profitable opportunities for trading.
  • Monitoring financial news and researching company activities in order to make investment decisions.
  • Developing trading strategies based on technical analysis and fundamental analysis
  • Monitoring order status and updating records of transactions in real time
  • Trading stocks, futures, options, or other securities based on current market conditions
  • Following rules and regulations set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • Educating clients on strategies to manage risk and increase profits through trading
  • Reporting trading activity to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Staying up to date on current events in the financial world to spot opportunities for profitable trades.

6. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who arranges real estate transactions, putting buyers and sellers together and acting as their representative in negotiations.

They guide their clients through every step of the process, from finding properties to negotiations to filling out contracts. Real estate agents must also understand local real estate laws and documents required to complete a sale.

7. Engineer

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an engineer is a person whose job is to design or build machines, engines, or electrical equipment, or things such as roads, railways, or bridges, using scientific principles.

If you wish to pursue a career in engineering, you must do a lot of research and be keen enough to choose exactly which type to pursue.

The following types of engineering exist in the world today:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

·       Aerospace Engineering

·       Agricultural Engineering

·       Biomedical Engineering

·       Computer Hardware Engineering

·       Environemental Engineering

·       Health and Safety Engineering

·       Industrial Engineering

·       Marine Engineering

·       Materials Engineering

·       Mining and Geological Engineering

·       Nuclear Engineering

·       Petroleum Engineering

8. Lawyer

A lawyer is a professional who is qualified to offer advice about the law or represent someone in legal matters. A lawyer can also be called an attorney, a solicitor, a counsellor or a barrister.

A lawyer is licensed to practice law, and is obligated to uphold the law while also protecting their client’s rights. Some duties commonly associated with a lawyer include:

  • Providing legal advice and counsel
  • Researching and gathering information or evidence
  • Drawing up legal documents related to divorces, wills, contracts, and real estate transactions.
  • Prosecuting or defending in court
  • Mediating disputes

To pursue a career as a lawyer you may choose among the following specialisations:

Divorce Lawyer: Divorce lawyers specialize in the many legal aspects that need to be addressed when terminating a marriage. Some of these details may include child custody, legal filings, and the division of assets and debts amongst spouses.

Family Lawyer: A family lawyer handles anything having to do with direct family issues, such as adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, child abduction, spousal abuse, estate or family planning, divorce, custody battles, paternity determinations, juvenile delinquency, child emancipation, prenuptial agreements, and name changes.

Immigration Lawyer: Immigration lawyers determine the legal rights, obligations, and duties of individuals considered aliens and specialize in helping them gain legal citizenship within a specific country.

Criminal Lawyer: A criminal lawyer represents defendants and organizations facing criminal charges in state and federal courts. This can include fraud, domestic violence crimes, theft, embezzlement, violent crimes, driving under the influence (DUI), sex crimes, and drug-related crimes.

9. Physician

This is a career that often require some degree of passion to pursue due to the many years involve to undergo the training. Usually most physicians are people whom by nature are passionate in saving lives.

A physician is an authorized practitioner of medicine, as one graduated from a college of medicine and licensed by the appropriate body.

According to indeed.com, “a physician is a medical professional who studies, diagnoses and treats illness, injuries and other ailments”. They have knowledge of medical ethics, human anatomy, pharmacology and other specialties depending on their field. Physicians provide preventative care, detect developing health problems and give advice to help patients develop healthy habits. Physicians are also known as doctors and medical practitioners.

If you wish to pursue a career as a physician, you will have to do a lot of research to know exactly the type of physician you want to become.

Below are the different specialisation you can choose among as a physician:

·       Allergists

·       Anesthesiologists

·       Cardiologists

·       Colon and Rectal Surgeon

·       Critical Care Medicine Specialists

·       Dentists

·       Dermatologists

·       Endocrinologists

·       Emergency Medicine Specialists

·       Family Medicine Specialists

·       Gastroenterologists

·       Geriatric Medicine Specialists

·       Hematologists

·       Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialists

·       Infectious Disease Specialists

·       Internists

·       Geneticists

·       Neonatologists

·       Nephrologists

·       Neurologists

·       Neurosurgeons

·       OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)

·       Oncologists

·       Ophthalmologists

·       Orthopedic Surgeons

·       Osteopaths

·       Otolaryngologists

·       Pathologists

·       Pediatricians

·       Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians (PM&R) 

·       Plastic Surgeons

·       Podiatrists

·       Psychiatrists

·       Pulmonologists

·       Rheumatologists

·       Sleep Medicine Specialists

·       Sports Medicine Specialists

·       Urologist

10. Airplane Pilot

An airplane pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls.

The airplane pilot is responsible for the following;

  • Create a flight plan, considering aircraft performance, altitude and weather conditions
  • Check the aircraft before every flight (engines, radars, navigation systems, etc)
  • Ensure cargo weight doesn’t exceed aircraft limits
  • Communicate with air traffic control to ensure safe takeoff and landing
  • Ensure the aircraft has adequate fuel supplies
  • Monitor cockpit instruments like altimeters and speed indicators and report any malfunctions
  • Check the airplane’s position, weather conditions and air traffic regularly during the flight and determine change of path when needed
  • Work closely with flight attendants to ensure all passengers follow safety rules while being on board.
  • Fill out reports about the flight and the status of the aircraft after landing

11. Software Developer

As technology keeps evolving, the internet has become the most resourceful place for all types of information. These information can only be gotten through different websites/app and mobile applications.

This has made the development of software programs to become a very lucrative career.

A developer – also known as a programmer, coder or software engineer – is an IT professional who uses programming languages to create computer software.

Some software developers work as self-employed while others are usually employed by either the technology companies that create off-the-shelf software or by end-user organisations, both in the public and private sectors who develop bespoke applications.

Some programing languages used by software developers include:


Java script













Also if you wish to pursue software development as a career then you must also know the different types of software developers that exist.

Below are the different types of developers that exist:

·       Web developers

·       Backend developers

·       Frontend developers

·       Language/Compilers Developer

·       Embedded System Developers

·       Operating systems Developer

·       Data Scientist

·       Video game developers

·       Development and Operations developers

·       Desktop developer

·       Mobile apps developers

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